SMarT Tools are  Innovative, High
Quality, Low Cost, Bowling Ball Surface     Management and Maintenance Tools      
Super SMarT Combo Special
    In today's game, Coverstock Maintenance is a Top Priority!                                             
 Resurface your bowling balls with the Star and make fast surface adjustments during pracitice with the Sun.


 Items Included:                                           

         * Star Sanding/Polishing Tool.
        * Sun Sanding/Polishing Tool
         * (4) Abralon/SiaAir Pads: 1ea. 500, 1000, 2000, 4000 grit. *
                               See Bowling Ball Specs for Factory Finishes
         * NEW! Orbit Rotating Ball Holder.
         * Plastic Ball Cup.
         * (2) Terry Cloth Bonnets.
         * 1-Ball Polish and 1-Ball Cleaner. Your choice.
           Choose from these combinations using the drop down menu below:

Factory Finish & Ball Cleaner
Snake Oil & Remedy RX
                 Zapp It:          
Soft Touch & Ball Cleaner
High Gloss & Ball Cleaner
Black Magic & Rejuvenator Cleaner
                   Storm:             Reacta Shine & Reacta Clean

     * Free 16"x16" Micro Fiber Towel (not shown)
         * PYB's Ball Maintenance Log Sheet. **
         * Instructions. 

       *     Substitutions allowed: Choose from Abralon or SiaAir abrasives.
                  Indicate in the comment box at PayPal checkout grits desired.  
       ** Additional copies free from website.                                                                            
  See how the Star works.

  See how the Sun works:

                                          At the shop
At the lanes

                                                                                                                                            Save $20.00 

Super Combo with

               International Orders

Super Combo International with

Add the NEW
Ball Maintenance Log Book

Upgrade your SMarT Combo order to add the New Ball Maintenance Log Book. Have a place to log vital information about you and your equipment for an extra $12.95.

                                              $12.95 Free Shipping

Super Combo w/Log Book
                                International Orders


Super Combo w/Log Book International
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