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All I can say is WOW! I was truly amazed at how well this (Star) works. The process is very simple and compact which means “PORTABLE”. Take it to tournaments … save time and money…it’s a WIN WIN situation. Sean, CA.

   Congratulations to Jack Blyth and his Mom Alison. Jack is the Under 16 Welsh Junior Open Champ. Jack is an up and coming junior bowler in the UK. He won the tournament at age 11 and will now compete in the Adult Welsh Open at the end of April. PYB is committed to helping Junior Bowlers.
 Good luck Jack!

    Bowling Ball Maintenance Tools     

                 SMarT Star                                        SMarT Sun
The SMarT Star:                                          The SMarT Sun:
* Restores lost ball reaction                             * Is made to use with a ball spinner
* Improves performance                                    * Achieves more consistent scratch
* Restores Factory-like-finish                              patterns
* Changes ball reaction to lanes                     * Increases contact  between  
* Sands and Polishes                                           abrasive pad and ball's surface
* Uses your drill for power                                 * Polishes lightly or burns it in
* Is portable, take it with you                              * Take it  to the lanes for adjustments

         From$31.95                                    From $31.95
        SMarT Star Horizon

  Surface Management Tool Package
Nothing but  the Tools and lots of them!


                          International Orders  


     SMarT Star Odyssey

                  The Star Odyssey is Loaded
 Everything you would need to maintain your Equipment                Including a Storm One Ball/Accessory Bag


                         International Orders

SMarT Star InterStellar
Boldly Go Where Few Have Bowled Before




  PYB's Interstellar Star
includes everything from Abrasive Pads
 to Oil Extraction plus a Log Book to  
                keep track.

           Bowl Long and Prosper

         This bundle has it all!!!


                                  International Orders


              Brand New Item

Personal Bowling Ball Revivor
                           Innovative Personal Ball Revivor
** Innovative has designed this unit for the sole purpose of extracting oil from reactive and proactive bowling ball cover stocks. 
** Drawing out the oil by the use of thermal reaction is a proven method of bringing back the original characteristics of the ball.
** The Personal Revivor removes the oil with an even, heat pattern so as not to damage the bowling ball. 
** Balls should have the oil extracted approximately every 25 to 30 games, depending on the lane conditions and the level of performance each bowler wishes to maintain.

** The Personal Revivor unit will do 1 ball at a time.

                           Get One Now!

                                    $199.95 Free Shipping**

                    **Free Shipping for Continental US orders only.
           International 220 Volt Revivor Orders

This is amazing this video Gary. I also know that this works, but thousands of others bowlers understand any of this. Bowlers been playing with the same ball without cleaning. They understand nothing of bowling and certainly not from surface. And not cleaning after about 60 games factory finishline. I make everything myself clean, abrasive balls and remove the oil. Sorry for my language use. Love from Holland, Eef Van

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     Log Book              Pads                    Bonnets         Hook Again Kit

SMarT Tool Bundles
                            Combo Special                   Super Combo Special

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                          What our customers say!

You have a great tool with the SMarT Sun. I'm getting a much better scratch pattern with my spinner and no more chasing pads across the room. Jerry from PA

In my experience this is the first and only product that I have used that I can honestly 
say can repeat an Out of the Box surface EXACTLY, Icewall, Ball                            

Holy Cow! It was awesome!... Simple to use product that didn't cost an arm & a leg. Paul from MA

 I used your products just before league... I resurfaced my old second-hand hammer and bowled my first 300 game with it. Jan 2015 Antti-Matti has added that he now has 2-300's and his brother has 3-300's.
Good job guys! Antti-Matti, from Finland
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